Parurière florale

“The floral adornment recreates known or fantasized plant species. They hatch in skilled hands and endure, defying time and use. » Hélène Farnault
Women have always used flowers as ornaments. It was the desire to be able to wear ornaments in all seasons that led to imitating nature. In China around 950 AD, the ladies of the palace wear silk and mica (plant) leaf flowers.
In ancient Egypt, papyrus is used to make flowers. It was in the 16th century that fabric flowers began to be made in France. In the 18th century the women of the Court of France learned to make leaves, flowers, fruits.
In 1900, more than 40,000 people worked in this profession. With the arrival of plastic and foreign competition, the profession of floral adornment has almost disappeared. Nowadays only about twenty houses and independents continue this tradition. It is a very rare art profession, of creations, meticulousness, patience. It is a profession that is part of the French heritage.