I offer colorful hats and head accessories for sparkling and daring women. My benevolent, generous and joyful universe offers you the quality of handmade and rare know-how. Anti-routine accessories for your daily life. My extra thing is the pen!

  • Brigitte Macron: this jewel that makes people talk

    A designer\'s wish was granted on October 28, during the International Cultural Heritage Fair in Paris. Marie Janvier, a young woman from Saint-Calais, was able to offer one of her creations to a passing politician, Brigitte Macron. While the latter was walking the aisles of the living room at the Carrousel du Louvre, the plumassière made a special request to the bodyguards of the First Lady.

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  • Local gifts for Christmas: how about a hat or a brooch?

    Feathers, fabric flowers, felt, silk, buttons, lace, Marie Janvier is passionate about old materials. A passion that she tries to transmit in her creations. [...] Today, she makes her creations from A to Z. “The feather, the flowers, the hats, these are parallel trades. Instead of buying the products, it is still more rewarding to make them”, explains the one who still does some subcontracting for haute couture, “in order to keep a foothold in the industry. »

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  • Milliner, Marie Janvier opened her shop in the town

    A multiple artist because she is a milliner, floral adornment and feather maker. After a master\'s degree in design at the Beaux-Arts in Le Mans, a stint in Belgium at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, textile design section, Marie Janvier headed towards fashion with a millinery internship at Nelly Bichet. , Le Mans milliner and a costume designer course with Jörgen Kazengrum.

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