“Creating a hat is like magic revealing the image of a face…it\'s about a simple idea from a creator allowing the birth or rebirth of a personality. » Jacque Painter
The hat or headdress dates back to the beginning of human history. Human beings covered their heads from the beginning in order to protect themselves from bad weather or the sun and later to signify their rank in society, their powers, their professions.
In the 18th century, the milliner was called “hat maker” or “fashion merchant”. The first famous milliner was Rose Bertin, Marie-Antoinette\'s milliner who qualified her as Minister of Fashion.
The hatter is the one who manufactures in series. He is also the one who sells hats in stores (hats).
The milliner creates and sells hats for individuals, fashion designers and the theatre. She makes unique pieces, tailor-made, small series.