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Sonia Zebra

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Brooch & hair clip in dyed pheasant and hen feathers. Its diamond shape allows a nice flattening of feathers. With its double brooch and clip system, it can be hung on clothing or worn in the hair. It can be worn over a jacket, tighten a neckline, tie a vest without buttons, attach a stole, decorate a hat, keep a lock in your hair.

My extra thing is the pen!

Protective box offered to transport, store and protect the feathers.

Composition : orange tinted pheasant and hen feathers, felt, brooch holder & metal clip.

Dimension : 5,5 cm x 5,5 cm

Weight : 5g

Maintenance : No washing. If the feathers are "wrinkled", you can steam them (you turn on your kettle and once you have steam you can put it on top, be careful not to burn yourself with the steam). They will resume their shapes and shine. In case of breakage of a feather, do not hesitate to contact me to replace it.

Model : small series

Because each feather is different, there may be a little difference in color or shape from the photo.